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The winning entry is from:

Brian Boner





Growing up in the Black Hills, and traveling all over South Dakota, I was always fascinated with the flocks of birds that would rise up in unison from cornfields and shelterbelts as we drove past. These “murmuration” of blackbirds and sparrows move through the sky in unison, instinctively knowing where and when to turn and dart and land, as if Mother Nature alone was conducting them. Many years later, in 2016, this fascination manifested into a large scale mural that now resides in the Arts District in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

“The Garden” is a 25’ tall and 150’ long mural, born out of love of community and compassion for those less fortunate. For the project, I partnered with a homeless advocacy group called “The I Have a Name Project” to create a mural that would be dedicated to those that had lost their lives to the streets. The image is that of a young boy, standing on a pillar of words - a quote from Mother Teresa. He pours a massive flock of birds from a watering can, that flies across the wall and then out into the world. It is an image that continues to inspire, and bring community together. It reminds us that we can all do our own individual part to lift one another higher.

My proposal for the law office wall would bring a similar message to people as they enter downtown Sioux Falls.

This image portrays a young girl painting a section of the wall that then erupts into a large flock of birds that flies down the entire length of the wall. I estimate there will be hundreds of birds, due to the height and length of the wall. It is meant to be quiet and insightful, yet impactful and inspiring. For me personally, it brings the inspiration of the birds full circle, to where it revealed itself to me as a young boy, back to South Dakota.