Tressa Zahrbock Kool

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Meet Tressa Zarhbock Kool. Tressa is owner of Lockwood and Zahrbock Kool Law Office.  

Tressa received her degree from the University of South Dakota where she graduated with a double major in political science and criminal justice and minor in business administration. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Tressa went to University of South Dakota Law School and graduated with her juris doctrine and masters in public administration. After graduation she worked for the Minnehaha County Public Defender’s Office for two years before starting in private practice. 

Tressa’s main area of expertise is in custody and divorce cases. She strives to make Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law Office a compassionate office where her clients can feel comfortable sharing their life stories. Tressa is a strong advocate for her clients providing them confidence and security that Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law Office is handling their life situations.  If there’s one situation that Tressa is passionate about solving it is a family’s parenting plan with their children.  working with parents to come up with a “parenting plan”. Tressa will work with parents to determine a schedule on the basis of their family situation needs and desires.

In addition to family law, Tressa specializes in criminal law matters. Tressa and her team will take the time to understand a client’s case and their journey of how they got where they are now, and where they might be going. 

Tressa enjoys working at Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law because of the fabulous talented team she gets to work with everyday. Everyone at Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law has a strong desire to be an advocate for the client. She lives in Sioux Falls with her husband and two young daughters.